A Modest Proposal

Earlier this afternoon, as we sat listening to the panel on research creation, it occurred to me that the conversation at hand was not only informed, compelling, and inspiring, but also important. These sorts of discussions are increasingly necessary and relevant, not only for us as we begin to shape our projects and theses, but also for students and academics more generally. Having recently listened to a handful of podcasts produced by MITs Comparative Media Studies program, I felt moved, in the moment, to reproduce their project as a means of recording, archiving, and distributing these sorts of conversations. I realized also that this could fulfill, at least to some extent, many of the desires felt by the group and expressed in Guillaume’s previous post. Regular collaborative participation on this project would allow us to develop technical skills while actually producing and distributing something. The program itself could also be a discursive space, allowing us to discuss influences and works in progress, and providing, in turn, a working record of our various critical and creative processes. I think this would be an excellent place to start from, particularly given the possibilities that could follow:

  • Do we attempt to record ongoing conversations regarding research creation within the department?
  • Do we try to expand on those conversations by inviting outside parties to participate?
  • Do we try to establish a practice that could be carried on by future students in the program? If so, does this begin to  address the difficulty of archiving the processes and products of research creation?

I by no means wish to insist on the necessity of taking the project this far, but merely offer these suggestions as possibilities. The next practical step would be to collect those interested in participating, and begin playing around with the idea. Polish, focus, and gravity can come later, if ever.

So: COMS PODCAST!!!! Any takers?


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