Creative workshops/venue… let’s do this!

Following Eduardo’s comment and my own intervention during Friday’s seminar, I do think we can allow ourselves to be realistically ambitious (well said Eduardo).

As a media studies group, making creative meetings would not only help us to achieve our scholar objectives, but they could also end up creating great collaborations in the future. Who knows, meeting outside the course context might give some of us the inspiration to work together on a professional level after our master degree.

So here are a couple of ideas of what we could collectively do to “harvest our creativity” :

  • Share practical skills (For example, I would be more than happy to share with you how we make brainstorms in the advertising industry. Why shouldn’t we learn how to do this if it could be useful for our own thesis or research-creation? Let’s make some capitalist-methods jujitsu!). I’m sure that other people also have crazy skills we are unaware of.
  • Discussion around specific cultural issues and brainstorms to find actual ways to intervene
  • Research-creation oriented discussions (Maybe the research-creation folks will have common issues they want to share)
  • Share inspirations of all kinds (film, music, web etc.)
  • Take time to show/perform our own personal creations
  • Make all of this as much informal as possible. The idea is not to add an additional course-related time to our already busy schedule, but

Of course, all of this is open to discussion, but I do think we’re onto something with this possibility of making this creative workshop/venue/meeting/sharing come true.

Let’s do this!




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