eRuv: A Street History in Semacode

eRuv is a digital graffiti project installed along the route of the former Third Avenue elevated train line in lower Manhattan. The train line, dismantled in 1955, was more than just a means of transport; it was part of an important religious boundary – an eruv – for a Hasidic community on the old Lower East Side. Using semacodes, the former boundary is reconstructed and mapped back onto the space of the city, and pedestrians with camera phones can access location-specific historical content. 

– Elliot Malkin,

La Petite Bibliothèque Infernale

The word Inferno or Enfer defines a closed part of the French National Library, a place where forbidden litterature was hidden. The whole idea of a dark side lib containing anticonformist content seemed like a nice way of labelling a collection of books, ephemera, leaflets, posters, stickers, etc. that aims at exploring, sometimes, the other side of a vast territoire concerned with book design and editorial design.

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