International Support for the Québec Student Strike Against Tuition Hikes

As the protests continue in Québec against the government’s tuition increases and privatization of education, international support grows in solidarity with us to support accessible education. From québécois students in Paris, to the International Student Movement in Taiwan, to Belgian students living in Brussels, the student strike in Québec is getting international attention.

About 60 students protested in Paris on March 10, two days before Jean Charest visited the city. 2012 © Ismaël Fortier-Geymard.

Yesterday, 26 March 2012, close to 100 students, teachers and labour union activists gathered in front of the ministry of education in Taipei (Taiwan) to protest the increasing corporatisation of universities and plans to hike tuition fees by 10%. They also expressed their unity with the current student strike in Quebec. (source: International Student Movement)

A small group of Belgian students raise a banner in Brussels. 2012 © l'Incroyable Julk.

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