Signs of Dissent Appear in Montréal on Eve of Mass Student Protest

Protest signs began appearing very early this morning as a collective welcome gesture to all the students and supporters of accessible education who will ascend onto Montréal streets this afternoon in a mass demonstration of solidarity against the Charest government’s tuition increases. Below are a few samples.

"Ensemble Bloquons la Hausse" or "Together let's block the Hike" appeared last night at the corner of Papineau and Ontario streets.

This photo of banners on a Ministry of Education building was circulated in the early hours of the morning. Photoshop or the real thing. I don't think it really matters.

One of the 200 media reclamations done by Artung! yesterday. They are marvelous!

A red square of books at Librairie Olivieri, rue Côte-des-neiges.

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