CJ Building Picket in Support of Accessible Education

Dear students and colleagues,

This Wednesday March 21, we would like to cordially invite you to a festive, musical picket line outside of the CJ Building, on the Loyola campus. We will be gathering outdoors at 12pm sharp and stay until 4:30ish.

The intention of this gathering is:

  1. To open dialogue about the importance of not attending classes during  the strike. In particular, to extend strike awareness and energy to the Loyola campus.
  2. To create large, beautiful signs that will represent Concordia’s presence at the demonstration on March 22.

Please bring sidewalk chalk, poster boards, markers, glitter, fabric, colourful items of all sorts, and whatever other materials you think will contribute to making great posters/signs/puppets for the large demonstration on Thursday March 22.  Additionally, please bring along any musical instruments (or fun sound makers, such as a metal bowl and a spoon!) to add to the festivities!

Photo by Pamela Lamb, taken during the family demonstration on Sunday, March 18, 2012.

cheers and hoorrah,

Media Studies Students

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